The benefits of steaming and sauna sessions are endless and so rewarding. It helps with relaxation first which helps again to decrease high cortisol levels which in return helps with overall better health and of course lower stress levels.
Other benefits are:
Boost the Immune System
Loosen Stiff Joints
Improves Circulation
Aids in Workout Recovery
Burns Calories
Promotes Skin Health
Clears Congestion

SAUNA (Available at Kitisuru ONLY)

Just Sauna Session 45 minsKshs 3500

Sauna Session + Deep Tissue Massage 100 minsKshs 7500

Couples Sauna + Deep Tissue Massage 100 minsKshs 14000

Couples Sauna Session 60 minsKshs 4000 for two.

We have some wonderful packages for couples too. Please see our signature treatments and couples section.


Kshs 9500 • 150 mins | With 4 steam rooms, this is the perfect, relaxing, enjoyable, quick fix detox pick up-treatment which includes: 30 minute invigorating, stimulating Peppermint Salt Scrub, 40 minute wrap (choose between Illuminate or Ginger, Sweet Orange and Cacao) including 20 minute steam and a 60 minute holistic massage.


Kshs 14000 • 150 mins | This is our latest spa treatment that will detoxify, steam and purify. In the steam room, traditional Moroccan Black Soap is applied over your body by trained therapists to prepare your skin for a vigorous exfoliating scrub from head to toe, with the skillful use of a traditional Hammam glove (Kessa glove). Feel your stress melt away as your skin is gently sloughed of impurities as you are rinsed from head to toe. The second step in the Hammam ritual, is to apply a body mask which stays on for another 15-20 mins during the steam. This really tops the detoxification of your skin and body. All relaxed, clean and shiny you will enjoy a beautiful 60 minute full body holistic massage. It’s a perfect ending to your Hammam experience.

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