Kshs 10500 • 40 mins | Feel like death warmed up? Need help getting yourself back into the land of the living? We’re here for you! Our zingy lime and lemongrass scrub will boost your spirits and senses and get your blood pumping in all the right places. The Detoxifying Body
Mud will draw our all those late-night toxins in exchange for ‘good for you’ minerals to kick start your immune system. A Face Collagen mask will restore hydration into your face and help your skin look warmer and plumper. Finally, an Aromatherapy Massage will lead you into ultimate blissful relaxation, while encouraging your lymphatic system to drain away more of those pesky toxins. No one will even know what you’ve been up to!


Kshs 9500 • 130 mins | When you just can’t get enough of that summer feeling… 30 minutes Body Scrub with Strawberry Cream Salt Scrub. 30 minutes Body Wrap with Freen Tea and Mint Tea. Bilberry & Chamomile Facemask packed with antioxidants. Finish with a
60 minutes nourishing & relaxing full body massage to transport you back to those invigorating summer days.


Kshs 3500 • 45 mins | Just Sauna Sessions
Kshs 7500 • 100 mins | Sauna Session + Deep Tissue Massage
Kshs 14000 • 100 mins | Couples Sauna Session + Deep Tissue Massage


Kshs 11000 • 205 mins | Enjoy a full body exfoliation to rid yourself of all the dead skin cells and leave you feeling smooth and clean. Follow this with a holistic massage to melt away any tensions. Feeling tranquil and calm, you will then enjoy a 30 minute facial to replenish your skin and make sure your face matches your body with a beautiful glow. Finish your spa

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