HOT & EARTHY BODY TREATMENT – Kshs 6500 (90 mins)

Be prepared to feel rejuvenated after this fabulous treatment. Enjoy a full body scrub packed with our new, spicy & earthy turmeric, carrot seed oil and warming liquorice from whole fennel seeds & fennel seed oil. A skin superfood concoction to soothe, calm and deeply cleanse, this treatment will leave you with a radiant and glowing skin tone. After showering off lie back on a clean and comfy massage bed where you will slumber into more relaxation with a 60-minute relaxing full body massage. In case of any muscle tension and you feel you need more than just a relaxing massage; we would recommend a 75-minute Hot Stone Massage as an option at an extra cost of Kshs 3000. End your treatment in our relaxation area with some fruit kebabs and herbal teas.

TURMERIC & CHOCOLATE REHAB – Kshs 9000 (130 mins)

A cosy and warm treatment to help spread the warmth and love over the Easter Holidays. Start your treatment with a 30-minute Turmeric Full Body Scrub. The scrub is warming and deeply soothing, filling the air with calming aromas. After a quick shower, we will wrap you up in our Ginger Sweet Orange & Chocolate Wrap. Packed with antioxidants this wrap protects your skin from environmental stress and draws out all the toxins. After 20 minutes, rinse off the wrap and lie down, close your eyes and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing 60-minute full body massage.

Both packages are ideal for couples too as all the ingredients are gender neutral.

Happy Easter Face Facial! – Kshs 6500 (70 mins)

This amazing facial is one of our newest and it comes infused with Rose, Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Pomegranate, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut oil and Bamboo all together! An exquisitely gentle formulation drawn from nature, it combines to offer a clean, simplistic and comprehensive approach to skincare. Overflowing with goodness, this anti-bacterial, anti-oxidising and antiseptic range will soothe, firm, nourish and stimulate cell renewal for clear, healthy and happy skin. This facial is perfect for normal to combination skin, hormonal skin or those simply requiring a fuss-free, calming, healing and caring skincare regime. At the end of your Happy Easter Face Facial, finish off this relaxing and beautiful facial with the Acerola Cherry Mask. Acerola Cherry contains the highest vitamin C content measured in any fruit – a vital ingredient for healthy ageing. Bursting with acerola cherry pulp, this collagen-boosting peel off mask is also packed with antioxidants, resulting in a firmed and youthful appearance. We will serve you our “Radiance Juice” packed with Turmeric and Carotene to boost radiance from the inside out. You may want to add a classic manicure and pedicure at an extra cost of just Kshs 2600.


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