Mum to be?


Kshs 600060 minsKshs 800090 mins You should be relaxing and taking care of yourself, but you are probably still running around as before. Remember that once your baby arrives you won’t have as much time to yourself, so let us take the weight off you for an hour of blissful relaxation. Your baby will love it too!


Kshs 8500180 mins | Blissful Bump Massage (1 hour) + Classic manicure + Classic pedicure


Kshs 11500210 mins | Gentle moisturising Pregnancy scrub + Pregnancy Massage + Classic manicure + Classic pedicure

labour of love

Post pregnancy therapies are believed to strengthen the new mother and assist with recovery, by relaxing tense muscles, improving blood circulation and increasing joint mobility. They will also help to bring your body back to its pre-pregnancy state, and will release those endorphins and oxytocins which help keep the blues, aches and pains away, release your milk and bond with your baby.

NOTE: If you’ve had a caesarean section, you may need to wait a few weeks, until your wound heals. If this is the case, visit us for a facial and mani/pedi.

labour of love #1

Kshs 11000150 mins | Enjoy a full body exfoliation and steam to rid yourself of all those nasty dead skin cells. Follow this with a delicious Illuminate body mask that allows your body to naturally detox; and finally nourish your newly glowing skin with a holistic 60 minutes full body massage.

labour of love #2

Kshs 12000160 mins | Give yourself over to a full body scrub with our incredible, spreadable scrub, followed by a steam and a 90 minutes Hot! Hot! Hot! massage. Lovely, smooth basalt stones are bathed in warm water and anointed with fragrant oils. The stones are placed upon your body’s key energy points, and this direct, deeply penetrating heat is used to massage the body, relaxing the muscles and creating a wonderful sensation of warmth and comfort. This most enjoyable of massages is known to improve blood circulation and sedate the nervous system.

Please remember that there is no need for you to rush home after your Serenity Spa treatment.  Spend as much time as you need relaxing in our pretty garden with a magazine and a cup of whatever is your preference.

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