Jessica Classic Nails


Kshs 1300 • 50 mins | For the client ‘On-The-Go’. Reshape your nails, clean up your cuticles and soften your hands with a moisture rich massage. Finish with a fresh coat of nail polish.


Kshs 1500 • 60 mins | A classic shape, soak and hydrate. Want to do it the French way? Just add another Kshs 250 to the Classic treatment.


Kshs 2300 • 70 mins | Taking care of over-exposed, over-worked and overly dry hands. Our mani-scrub and Vanilla Cream mask not only smells good but will help to rid you of your tired, dead skin and moisturize your digits back to health. An extra 20 minutes of hand and arm massage is included.


Kshs 2800 • 80 mins | Taking care of tired, dry feet, our pedi-scrub and Vanilla Cream mask not only smells good but will help to rid you of your tired, dead skin and moisturise your tootsies back to health. An extra 20 minutes of leg massage is included.


Manicure Kshs 1800 • 60 mins | Pedicure Kshs 2000 • 70 mins When you’re hands and feet have been severely neglected, this is the way to go. The entire hand/foot is dipped in oily paraffin wax before the nails are polished, in order to seal in softness and moisture. The wax is left on the skin for some time; when it is removed your skin will feel silky soft, refreshed and revitalised.



Kshs 6000

Acrylic/Gel Overlays on Natural Nails |

Kshs 4000

Acrylic/Gel Infill |

Kshs 5000

1 Nail Replacement

Kshs 300

Acrylic Soak Offs |

Kshs 1000

Gum Gel |

Kshs 5000

Gum Gel Infill |

Kshs 4000

If you would like a Shellac Varnish please add Kshs 1500.



On the nail polish menu is Shellac, an ‘innovation in chip-free, ex-tended-wear colour’, which goes on like polish and wears like gel. Start with Shellac Base Coat which provides the foundation for the Shellac system. Next, choose your Shellac Colour Coat, followed by the Shellac Top Coat which seals the deal with a mirror-like fin-ish. The CND UV Lamp is used to set the layers immediately and create the scratch-resistant, high-shine finish that Shellac is known for. Shellac contains no nasty chemicals and lasts for 14+ days.

Pedicure |

Kshs 300075 mins

Manicure |

Kshs 250060 mins

Soak offs |

Kshs 500

Re-Varnish |

Kshs 2000


Kshs 5000Approx. 60 mins


Kshs 200 – per nail

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