These packages are specifically designed for men, however you are welcome to enjoy any of our treatments. 

Wake Up and Feel Alive – With our stimulating and refreshing peppermint salt scrub

 Ksh 9500 • 120 minutes | Peppermint can do wonders for our bodies. Awaken your body and mind with this stimulating body scrub. This is a perfect product for men, a great pick me up, so refreshing and cleansing. Enjoy a 20 minute in the steam followed by a 60 mins deep tissue massage to ensure your experience is nothing else but total bliss.

Titan facial

Kshs 7000 • 60 mins | For the real men out there. A deep-cleanse facial designed especially for men. As the Titans were responsible for time, let us turn it back with this facial. Our moringa face mask will work wonders making your skin smooth, more stubble free and clean.

The Alpha Package

Kshs 11500 • 140 mins | Alpha-Males sign up here. Let go, for once, with this package. Enjoy a 60 minute deep tissue, full body massage and a Titan Facial to ensure you feel and look relaxed. Then go back to being in command.


Men shave Kshs 100030 mins
Men cut Kshs 120030 mins
Beard dry shave Kshs 50030 mins 

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