Kshs 5500 C 45 mins | This is our new signature spa treatment that will detoxify, steam and purify. Traditional Moroccan Black Soap is applied over your body by trained therapists to prepare your skin for a vigorous exfoliating scrub from head to toe, with the skilful use of a traditional Hammam glove. Feel your stress melt away as your skin is gently sloughed of impurities as you are rinsed from head to toe, by bucket after bucket of delicious water. Usually, the second step in the Hammam ritual, is a to apply a body mask which stays on for another 15 – 20 mins during the steam. This really tops the detoxification of your skin and body. It’s a perfect ending to your Hammam experience. Extra costs applies at Kshs 3000.


Kshs 5000 C 60 mins | Relax and sooth your body and mind as expert hands release all tension with a combination of deep pressure applied at specific points and long rhythmic, gentle strokes with oil infused with your favourite essences. Fall under the spell of your chosen massage oil blend's mood enhancing properties. Please remember to request light, medium or deep pressure.


Kshs 6000 C 60 mins | Glow like a Geisha. Totally paraben free and inspired by the rice water the Geisha women would wash their faces with. Our sensitive illuminate range is filled with actives to help reduce skin blemishes and age spots including rice bran oil, vanilla and a complex of wild alpine botanicals to lighten blemishes, even skin–tone and reduce the appearance of age spots. It's nourishing and soothing. Just simply a perfect facial.


Kshs 3500 C 60 mins | Bathe your tired feet in a soothing foot soak. Next, your feet will be exfoliated and a detoxing and nourishing mask is applied to smoothen away weary extremities. Then it's on to a deep hydrating massage for a smooth finish. If you wish you can top up with a classic pedicure at Kshs 1500.


Kshs 3000–5000 (depending on length of hair) C 45–65 mins | This is a perfect add to any of the above treatments or just book it as a treatment on it own. A protein mask will nourish your hair and make it look healthy and shiny again. Enjoy a blow dry and hopefully walk away feeling like a queen.

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