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Happy Bunny

Kshs 10000 • 145 mins
This is a really uplifting treatment packed with lots of benefits as well as giving you enjoyable downtime. Your therapist will wrap you in our Ginger & Sweet Orange Wrap to drain out toxins and impurities. After 20 minutes being wrapped up, shower off and enjoy a 20 minute steam session to clear your sinuses, lungs and skin. All clean and clear, lie back on the massage bed and enjoy a 60 minute relaxing full body massage. End your treatment with a 45 minute gentle deep cleanse facial to clear your skin from any blackheads and other impurities. Truly, you will feel so happy after this treat. 

Golden Bunny

Kshs 8000 • 120 mins
How about we treat you to a full body Gold Scrub followed by a Gold Wrap? This combination is fabulous. Not only does it restore elasticity but it will help with skin renewal, aid tissue repair, smoothen out a few dimples (a nice way to say cellulites) and you will immediately look so much more radiant. Of course, we will end this wowsee treatment with a nice 60 minute relaxing full body massage. Happy Golden Easter! 

Skinny Bunny

Kshs 7000 • 90 mins
Rich with amino acids and vitamins, the 30 minute Laminaria Body Wrap helps improve your skin’s hydration levels. Laminaria also stimulates your metabolism to fight fatty deposits and cellulite and works as a great slimming and shaping treatment. Then enjoy a 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage and release knots and tensions.  Of course, treat yourself to a little easter egg afterwards.

hairy Bunny

Serenity Hair has a fabulous team of Hairdressers who are able to attend to trims, wash and blow dries, new hair styles, cuts, colour, high and lowlights and many more. 10% off on all the services until 15th April 2021.*

* Not available on packages that are already discounted

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