75 mins • Kshs 3500 | 
This is a luxurious pedicure treatment which includes all the steps of a normal classic pedicure but now we added a spin. We will add a 10 mins extra to scrub your legs and feet thoroughly to exfoliate your skin, remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the blood circulation. Before we apply your nail varnish, we will also offer you a 20 mins foot and leg massage to relax your further. We can offer nail art at an extra cost but do mention that when you book. Enjoy a Radiance Juice during the treatment. You will jump out of your pedicure seat like a happy bunny 😊

Styled Bunny

From short to long hair  Kshs 4000-5500 | We apply a nourishing and hydrating hair mask to make your hair look healthy and bouncy. Our skilled hairdressers will blow dry your hair the way you would like it to make you look even more gorgeous.

Balanced Bunny

60 mins • Kshs 4500 | Socrates once said “When our feet hurt, we hurt all over”. Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in our feet that correspond to every gland, organ and part of the body. The nerve endings in the feet are stimulated to balance energy, promote healing and increase circulation. Reflexology can release blockages, helping your body to eliminate toxins and waste. Perfect for a quick fix at any time of the day and enjoy a cup of herbal tea with the session.

Hot Bunny

70 mins • Kshs 6500 | Smooth basalt stones are bathed in warm water and anointed with fragrant oils then placed on your body’s key energy points. After warming your body with some traditional Swedish massage techniques, your massage therapist will use the stones as an extension of their hands to massage your muscles. Try and stay awake! Fruits and teas are included.

Golden Bunny

Kshs 8500 • 80 mins | A treat you should not miss, our anti-ageing facial combines the power of Gold, extract of Caviar, Pearl and Grape Leaf as well as Hyaluronic Acid to stimulate and renew skin cells, restore skin elasticity and help slow down collagen depletion. Gold is both an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and ensures that skin elasticity is maintained leaving skin looking youthful and glowing. This luxurious facial is for everyone who likes to treat their face to something more than just a deep cleanse. We have included a wonderful foot massage while the gold mask is doing its final magic. Enjoy our Glowing Green Smoothie in our relaxation area.

Spa Bunny

120 mins • Kshs 9000 | This package takes you to a happy place! We will start with our new Jani full body scrub “Anti-Stress” to exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead skin. All polished and clean, you will enter the steam room. Just enjoy the quiet time – no phone, no noise – relax and be in the moment while the steam is clearing the pores, clearing your blocked airways and warming up your body to stimulate blood circulation. After the steam, enjoy a 60 mins Aromatherapy massage. Our Power Detox will give you an extra boost after this treatment.


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