A full body treatment for Kshs 7500 • 120 mins
This full body treatment will take you to another level of blissfulness. Enjoy a full body scrub and a full body wrap. The strawberry scrub gently removes the dead skin cells and leaves a beautiful scent on your skin. All clean, your therapist will now apply the Illuminate Body Wrap which nourishes and purifies your skin reducing blemishes and age spots. Fall into a gentle slumber and enjoy a full hour of a relaxing body massage. This is the perfect anti stress package and it's perfect for everyone who just needs a little more than an hour massage to decompress.


A soothing leg therapy for Kshs 2500 • 40 mins
Everyone needs a little grounding every now and then. Stress can take its toll on the feet, lower leg and ankles and often it's where a lot of us carry water retention. The calming Ginger, Sweet Orange and Cocoa wrap boosts energy and a sluggish system. This wrap will improve circulation, deals with a sluggish system and induces a feeling of wellbeing. Enjoy a 20 minute foot massage after the wrap. We suggest you add a pedicure at Kshs 1300*. (*this rate only applies if you book 'Grounded')


Upper Body Massage for Kshs 2500 • 30 mins
Using warmed massage oil the therapist will focus on any tensions in the back leaving you feeling revived and ready to stand up to the days ahead. Enjoy a Turmeric, Orange and Carrot Juice after your treatment.


A Deep Conditioning Treatment for approximately Kshs 3000 - 5000 • 60 mins (depending on length)
This is all about having a good hair day and make sure your hair stays in good shape and keeps its bounce. Wash and blow-dry is included. We love this treatment as its relaxing and you will look so good afterwards.

Valid for the whole month of November starting from 27th October 2019

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