Kshs 9000

This package is for everyone who wants to treat their body to love and care on a long-term basis. Collect it or we can deliver your detox juices and soup for the day and also enjoy a 60 minute relaxing Aromatherapy massage in our spa any time on the day that you detox. Relaxation is best achieved through breathing properly and we have therefore also included a 20 minute steam session. By using a range of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils, each with its own properties to calm, energise, cleanse or decongest, this treatment can release anxiety and stress and induce relaxation. Just imagine you do this for the rest of your life… so many benefits!

The 3 Day Jump Start Detox Program

Kshs 15500

The program entails a different smoothie for each day combined with daily turmeric and ginger shots. The smoothies are extremely filling and full of power nutrients. The detox is designed to reboot your sluggish system back into a “well oiled” super machine, giving you back the energy you need to live a happy and contented life. On your last day of the detox book yourself in for a 60 minute lymphatic massage plus a 20 minute steam session to round off your detox in style. Your body and mind are going to feel like new and you might have even lost a kilo or two. And because we feel you deserve more, you will be entitled to a 15% discount on any other massage during your 3 day detox course.

The 5 Day Effective Detox

Kshs 22000

This is a perfect detox to do from Monday to Friday. Nice and gentle, you can enjoy a different smoothie each day all tailored to eliminate toxins and build a healthy gut and to revive a strong immune system. The meals are wonderfully planned, and you will not feel hungry. Toxins are flushed out and you will feel light and energetic after your 5 days of detoxing. Included in this package are 1 Aromatherapy massage and 2 steam sessions in our spa, to be enjoyed while you are doing the detox. To spoil you further, a 15% discount on any massage also applies if taken during your detox period. Go for walks, read books, meditate and if you can book some yoga sessions even if its online, they will add to your overall reset with our 5 day detox program. Some clients have lost 1.5 – 2 kgs with this program and your energy levels are back to normal if not better than even before.

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