COVID-19 Measures and How We Keep You Safe


Dear Client,

In light of the still ongoing pandemic, COVID-19, we have implemented a number of regulations which our staff will follow. We request that you work together with us by adhering to the same in order to ensure that we keep you and our team as safe as possible and continue to be available to serve you. We would also like to emphasize that should you get exposed and get a COVID test done, please avoid coming to the Spa until you have confirmed your test results, this will ensure that we minimize the exposure to our staff and other clients as we aim to keep everyone safe.

*If you are Visiting us for the first time, kindly follow this link to fill in our indemnity form and resend it back to us. We are required to ask for ID for track and tracing purposes.

Payments & Receipts:  We will no longer accept cash payments and hence urge all our clients to embrace the Mpesa mode of payment during this time. We will however accept card payments (except American Express), in the event that one has no access to Mpesa.  The amount of your treatment will be on your booking confirmation ( see above ) so we ask that on completion, you send the payment from your treatment location and confirm to the therapist that it has been done who will then confirm at the front office and a receipt will be issued immediately to avoid people crowding at the reception.

Massage, Scrubs & Wrap Protocol:  We will require that clients take a shower before any massage treatments, clients must also keep their mask on during the entire treatment. Traditionally, we have our Serenity procedures before, during and after massages, where we offer a welcome touch towel & some lemon water, some energy charge to breath into before commencement of the massage, bowl of flowers under the bed and refreshments after room treatments, we will however not have this for now for safety reasons. Please note that we can only take in a limited number of massages each day as we will need to disinfect the massage rooms completely before they can be used again, hence with the short time we are open (8am-6.00pm), we will take massages on a first come first served basis

PS: Pregnancy: If you are pregnant it is inadvisable to use our steam room and sauna. Other treatments can only be carried out once you are more than 13 weeks pregnant.

Time allowance in the rooms after treatments:  Please note that as we would like to have enough time to clean and fumigate all rooms after every treatment, we will only allow a few minutes after your treatment to change ( 5-7 minutes) and you can relax more at our beautiful relaxation areas.

Facial Treatments:  We are pleased to inform you that we are safely conducting all our facial treatments. Our therapists will keep their masks on and in addition, they will wear a shield to further keep everyone safe as you will not have your mask on.

Additional Information


Booking protocols:

We will accept bookings by appointments only and are not able to accommodate walk in clients.  Our guards at the gate will be given a list of all clients each day and will only allow entry to those on the appointment list.  We request that you make your booking and any amendments 24 hours in advance for us to properly organize ourselves and ensure everyone’s safety. Please note, that we may not always be able to accommodate your specific requested times as we strive to maintain social distancing and are advised to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment so as to avoid any crowding.

Amended bookings during treatments:  As much as possible, we would prefer not to amend bookings in case that puts clients through our common areas at the same time.  With that in mind, we ask that you try to choose in advance what you wish to do so we can book you in accordingly.  If we can accommodate changes when you are here, we will do this only on the basis that it doesn’t affect our scheduling with other clients to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

Nail Treatments:  In the past, we have had occasions where two therapists can work on a client at the same time, this is still highly encouraged, however should you want to have your nail treatments done at the same time, we have divider screens that will be put on the tables, and your therapists will also have face shields on in addition to their face masks, please make this request when making your booking.

Cancellation Policy:  Please cancel/reschedule up to 24 hours prior to the treatment for individual bookings and 48 hours for all group bookings to avoid our 100% cancellation penalty. This would help us a lot to fit in other clients who have pending bookings awaiting confirmation. Kindly help us to be more organized.

On Premises Protocol:

Temperature Measurement:  On your arrival, a staff member will take your temperature and record it. If you have any temperature on arrival, unfortunately we will be obliged to turn you away. Just as our staff will be asked to stay at home if they are feeling unwell, we ask that you also respect this rule. If you do feel unwell please do contact us to cancel and there will be no cancellation fees.

Masks:  All clients must please wear masks on arrival and please do not remove them at any time during your stay with us. Our team will all do the same – we protect you and you protect us.

Wash Basins on Arrival and Departure:  We require all clients to wash their hands with water and soap at the wash basins provided outside the Spa. A staff member will be available to guide you on the same. We also have sanitizers available at various designated areas at the Spa for regular sanitization by all.

Timeliness:  Our schedule is designed such that people do not arrive at the same time so we ask that you please arrive a few minutes early and leave on time so that we can ensure that no one overlaps another guest. In the event that this does happen, we will ask that people stay back to avoid being too close to other clients.

Escorting you to your treatment location:  We do not wish to have any visitors wait in reception. When you arrive at our spa, our therapist will be waiting for you to escort you directly to your allocated treatment location.

Selecting Nail Varnishes in our displays:  We ask that when choosing products such as nail varnishes, please point out which you wish to look at and our therapists will take them off the shelf and show you. We ask that you leave the physical touching of the products to our team to again reduce the amount of people picking up our varnishes and products.

N.B: If you have booked a Manicure/Pedicure and currently have Gel/Shellac on your nails, you will need to book a Gel Removal with your appointment which will cost an additional 500Kshs if it was not done here and 1,000Kshs for Acrylic Removal.

We kindly request all our clients to refrain from using their phone during treatments as this might affect other treatments going on and we try to keep the noise down to a minimum to ensure that everyone has a peaceful and relaxing time.

Waxing Protocol:  In order to ensure maximum cleanliness, we have decided that each strip applied with our waxing spatulas will be done with a new spatula to avoid the spatula going back into the wax. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not offer any waxing services for the face until further notice.

Coffee Shop:  Our coffee shops are open from 9am – 7 pm and we are delighted to serve you delicious coffees, teas, freshly made juices and smoothies with small bitings. We would like all our clients to ensure they keep their facemasks on while enjoying refreshments and only pull down their facemask when they take a sip or bite.

Refreshments:  Given the situation, we are unable to offer any refreshments , either her herbal teas or fruits.

We look forward to seeing you at Serenity Spa and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Petra Somen
Managing Director

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