We are extremely excited to introduce our new venture called Jani Beauty by Serenity Spa. Jani comes from the Kiswahili word Majani meaning Leaves or Greenery. and we felt it was appropriate to use the name as this is exactly our aim, to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. Jani’s products are organic, containing the best ingredients we can find and we are sourcing mainly from Kenya in order to make Jani’s products truly local whilst also supporting many farming communities and families to help their livelihoods. Jani’s mission is also to create more jobs for Kenyans and we believe the unique fragrances of Kenya that we intend to produce will soon have everyone loving Jani Beauty products.

We have now started to produce our own massage oils and body scrubs, carefully designed and formulated by a chemist we hired in Europe but who has many years of experience in developing products mainly using organic as well as African grown products.

This new baby of ours will bring not only joy and happiness to us but we believe it will make our customers love Serenity Spa even more as we use Kenyan based products bursting with benefits to help you feel better and stronger. Our products have been tested and approved and we are committed to continuing to maintain our high quality in Jani Beauty, the quality levels that you have become accustomed to at Serenity Spa. We cannot wait to offer our retail products soon and we are working around the clock to launch these soon. Please be patient with us and in the meantime enjoy our new oils and scrubs in the spas.

We look forward to your feedback.

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