Invigorating packages for a fresh start


Kshs 9500• 135mins | An invigorating Peppermint Salt Scrub to invigorate the skin and get the blood pumping is followed by an intensively purifying green tea and mint leaf wrap. A rich resurrection face wrap to renew cells will make your skin glow, followed by a relaxing full body massage to ensure your skin is silky smooth, cleansed and hydrated. Enjoy our own healthy Detox Juice (cucumber, fresh ginger, pineapple, coriander) fruits and herbal teas in our luscious gardens.


Kshs 17000 • 280mins | This half day package is for someone who wants to really focus on recharging their body and mind. Enjoy a full body scrub with our invigorating and award-winning Colombian Rush Coffee Scrub followed by an energising Ginger, Sweet Orange & Cocoa Bean Wrap. We will complete your body treatment with a 60 minute relaxing massage. Now we move to the face and we will offer you a 60 minute Deep Cleansing Illuminate Facial. During your facial, we will massage your feet and finish off with a good neck & shoulder massage. End your day in our beautiful nail area and get your hands and feet sparkly new with our classic manicure and pedicure. Enjoy some herbal teas, fruit and a delicious Detox Smoothie (banana, spirulina powder, spinach, coconut water) created by our nutritionist..


Kshs 6000• 90 mins | Treat yourself to a stimulating and invigorating coffee scrub followed by a lymphatic full body massage – to stimulate the breakdown of toxins in your system. Flush it all out and have some herbal teas and fruits afterwards in our garden. This is a great package for our male clients too.


Kshs 9500• 115 mins | Rich with amino acids and vitamins, the Laminaria Body Wrap helps improve your skin’s hydration levels. Laminaria also stimulates your metabolism to fight fatty deposits and cellulite and works as a great slimming and shaping treatment. This wrap is magic! After 20 minutes shedding those toxins, enjoy a hot shower and steam session in our steam room. Finally, you’ll revel in a 60 minute deep tissue massage to drain the lymphatic system and relax your muscles. You will notice that any water retention has disappeared and you won’t feel bloated. Make sure to drink lots of water for a few days afterwards to flush out more toxins. (Not suitable for pregnant clients.) 

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